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The aim of English literature course is not just read books, but also to analyze them, to create new theories and criticize old ones, take a critical look at the style of writing and symbols, and the last but the most important thing – to think creatively.

In your third year you have the freedom to pursue the interests you have developed, by choosing from a range of specialist topics and undertaking independent, guided research on topics of your own devising.

The course embraces all literature written in the English language, which means that you can study American and post-colonial literatures alongside British literatures throughout; there are also options to specialise in either or both of these areas in your third year, and to study literature in other languages.

Manifold approaches flourish here – for example, in poetic and aesthetic theory, in postcolonial writing in English, in Renaissance texts as ‘material’ objects, in film and its links to literature - and we do not encourage any single method.

Instead, we hope to instil in you the confidence to undertake self-directed study and develop unique and original approaches of your own.

Please scroll to the bottom of the page for more details.) The Cambridge English course is unique for combining full historical coverage with the chance to specialise and develop your own interests.

In the first two years of your degree, you cover the full historical sweep of literature written in the English language from the medieval period to the present day.

It is a prerequisite for being able to take part in discussions, analyze and provide criticism during lecturers and seminars.

Intensive rhythm of studying touches not only your work in classes, but also a big amount of individual work and writing assignments that are a compulsory part of getting the degree.

Texts are not considered separately, but in cultural, social, historical and political contexts, so students become advanced readers.

In addition to such “quality” reading you should read books pretty quickly, as in most cases you should wait for tight schedule.


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