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Shared military and civilian service helped overcome existing distrust and fostered teamwork and mutual dependency.

The vision of Sweden as a small country that had been saved by a coalition government and societal consensus contributed to the formation of the ideal of a solidaristic society sustained by a redistributive welfare state.

Sweden’s eightfold military build-up during World War II dramatically boosted income tax rates for top earners and corporations.

Whereas fiscal responses to the Great Depression had remained modest, the tax reform of 1939 greatly raised top rates and created a temporary defense tax that became highly progressive only for the highest earners and that was further sharpened in 19.

So it surprises many to learn that the Scandinavian country only got to be this way in the last century, and that the catalyst was violent upheaval: two world wars and the Great Depression.

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Economic inequality has always been with us, and when you observe a dramatic market compression you can always link it to a disastrous event.Once the war had ended, overseas markets collapsed and industrial overcapacity ushered in financial crisis and unemployment.The wealthy, deeply enmeshed in these businesses, suffered disproportionately.During World War II, when Germany invaded Denmark and Norway, Sweden was completely surrounded by the Nazis and their allies.Once the Nazi war machine had shifted into high gear, as a leading Social Democrat politician in 1940 put it, the Swedes found themselves “living in front of the muzzle of a loaded cannon.” The country was exposed to both German and Allied pressure. 17, 1941 image, the Swedish destroyer Klas Uggla, No.4 left, is seen ablaze after an unidentified accident which destroyed the ship, damaged two others, and killed 33 sailors in Horsfjarden, Sweden.The Swedes had to put virtually everything on a war footing to stand a chance of defending themselves against an invasion.They experienced full mobilization—there was no actual fighting, but they mobilized a very large share of their population.Although Sweden is located at the margins of the European continent, it is adjacent to the major powers involved in both world wars: Germany, Great Britain, and Russia.In World War I, conservative Swedish elites sided with Germany and raked in large profits while food shortages caused by the Entente naval blockade and labor unrest rocked the country.


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