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It not only helps the products sell, it helps the consumers in making a sound choice.They tend to want the products displayed on the advertisements oblivious of the level of harm it could cause.Junk food, sugary stuff and violent toys are all made popular by creative advertising. Advertisements have known to have a negative effect on adults as well. The fact that you NEED to be fair to win hearts or you NEED to wear an expensive perfume to win a lady is something promoted by adverts.Also, in democratic countries, consumers are exposed to a wide range of lifestyles to choose from.Advertisement also helps people know about the kind of life people of various levels of the society lead. So we see, apart from being a mode of awareness and boost in economy, advertising helps bring about education, reform and is a good way to incur returns on investments.When the sales go up, the demand in the market for that product increases.With an increase in demand, supplies are increased which mean more manufacturers and working hands would be required.Apart from public service advertisements, advertisements marketing goods do a lot to improve the social standards of the society.In India, where a particular percentage of women still live in the ignominious darkness, adverts relating to sanitary napkins have done a lot of good.Advertising is a method used to attract people's attention.Advertising is an important and simple procedure for companies to make themselves known.


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