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5) The decoration of White House, Washington, on Christmas is very mesmerizing with around 40 Christmas trees and around 14000 ornaments hanged on them.6) Red, White, Green, Gold, Blue and Purple are the main colors associated with Christmas celebrations with each color having a special meaning.

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You can write an essay on the topic or you can also prepare a speech to be given in the school during Christmas celebration using these facts.

So go through the below lines and incorporate them in your writing: 1) Christmas is celebrated on 25 December every year across the world marking the birth of Jesus Christ.

2) It is the one of the most celebrated festivals in the world and people across the world start the preparation much before the actual day of festival.

3) People buy Christmas Trees and decorate it with lamps, gifts, lightings and flowers to celebrate the festival.

4) Many people use idols to depict the nativity of Jesus Christ in their homes or offices to celebrate the festival.

5) The celebration of Christmas in the Holy Vatican City is very mesmerizing and tranquil when the complete city bathes with sparkling decoration with one of the world’s tallest Christmas tree.

Following are the 10 lines on Christmas for class 1 students which will help them to understand about the festival and how it is celebrated by the people of Christian religion in various countries.

These 10 points will help students, their parents or teachers to help their kids and students respectively.

Please go through these points and efficiently improve your writing: December every year to celebrate the birth of Jesus Christ.

2) People light candles in their homes and churches symbolizing Christ who spread light in the world and triumphed over the darkness of sin.


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