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A classroom that promotes desired student behavior and facilitates instruction is arranged to encourage communication and interaction.

For example, the large tables that seat up to five children promote maximum peer interactions during cooperative learning activities.

The teacher's desk faces the door of the classroom in addition to the students, and therefore the teacher can easily field any possible interruptions to the classroom.

With a bird's eye view of the room, the teacher practices effective classroom management without creating an authoritarian learning environment.

Anecdotally, the classroom teacher reported that the contingency resulted in the students’ increased task-oriented behavior.” (Kelly & Strokes p.

Disclaimer: This work has been submitted by a student.In Bill Rogers book he describes that the use of non-verbal gestures as ‘a positive form of communication....without intrusive fuss.’ (Rogers, 2007), during my SE observations I can see how this is defined, as Mrs.W used gestures such as putting her finger to her lips for silence, nodding her head for disapproval and a warning look for attention. Contingency Contracting With Disadvantaged Youths: Improving Classroom Performance, (3), 447-454 Classroom behavior management can be one of the most difficult issues teachers face today.The next step is to turn the goal into a specific objective.Contract conditions should be discussed with the student, and define the conditions in which the contract will be in effect.Contract completion criteria will describe the level of performance for completion. The main question is, how do the new and upcoming educators of the world change the issue of behavior management in our own classrooms? Next, make sure the students know what When using this method, one must first assess the present level of the outward performance of the student. With the variance of personalities in one classroom, it may be difficult for a teacher to stay actively in control of the ever-changing environment. Clarifying a strategy will help make it easier for an educator to lead the class confidently and effectively.When lessons involve cooperative learning, students can arrange the tables into small groups or the tables can also be arranged in a large circle with the teacher or a student leader sitting at the head or ev...In light of my School Experience (SE), I will be analysing, discussing and evaluating an aspect of classroom practice.


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