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Granted it wasn't exactly Serena, but according to my pre-elementary school logic it was infinitely better than my last name.

Over the years I have come to realize that there are too many Elizabeths in this world to become one myself, and that no other name could possibly suit me as well as the one I have grown up with, my own. As if my name is a tangible object over which I claim ownership.

As I have matured I have grown to appreciate its beauty.

It carries a subtleness that, through the enunciation of three effortless syllables, achieves absolute grace.

Such creative naming is, for example, especially characteristic of the biblical God, Who, in the account of creation given in the first chapter of Genesis, names five things: light, darkness, the firmament, the dry land, and the gathered waters. The Hebrew word translated “firmament” which God called heaven comes from the root meaning “to beat.” Workmen pound copper until it spreads out into a thin amorphous sheet, then form it and cut it and give it shape.

As Robert Sacks observes, We can best grasp the significance of naming by comparing the things God named with the names God gives them. The firmament was called heaven, the dry place was called land, the water was called sea. Light and darkness, wet and dry, like the thinly pounded sheet of copper, seem to be an indefinite morass, each having its own quality, but each spreading out beyond the human imagination.I remember it being Tuesday because that was the day I had religion class after school. At the age of five, I had become certain beyond a shadow of a doubt that the name Amanda was too un-extraordinary for someone like me.To remedy this, I strutted into my classroom on the bottom floor of the church school and declared that my first name was so horribly unsuitable to me that I would respond only to my middle name, Elizabeth.Amanda just is, becoming in its own simplicity and ease. he authors of this essay on names have just identified themselves. For the sake of full disclosure, they are willing to have it known that they have the same last name not by coincidence or consanguinity but because they are married to each other (and have been for over thirty-four years).This acceptance came gradually, but solidified in the fourth grade when I found my name in a book of baby names.With the advent of that knowledge, I began to fully accept my name and discovered what it meant to me.You definitely do not want to bore your reader from the first sentence, even if you feel like you may be talking about the most boring subject on the face of the planet (trust me, I’ve been there! Whatever your subject, you should be able to introduce it with pizzazz, in such a way that your reader has to keep reading. “What are the most prominent themes in To the Lighthouse and how are these expressed in the text as a whole? Ramsay ponders in Virginia Woolf’s To the Lighthouse. Ramsay’s inquiry gestures to the novel’s larger themes of existentialism and the passage of time. Do try starting with another scholar’s argument, but only if you intend to argue against that or build off of it. Ramsay suggests that Smith’s argument is unsupported. Do make sure your thesis statement is concise and evident.” Do not begin your essay in the following textbook fashion: “To the Lighthouse, by Virginia Woolf, has many themes. Do consider beginning with a quote from the primary text you are analyzing, especially if you are analyzing a work of literature. Consider the following example: John Smith considers To the Lighthouse to be a “pivotal text in the realignment of the author’s thoughts about her childhood, as figured in the character of Mrs. Remember: for a five-paragraph essay, it should be able to fit into one smooth sentence! Sometimes you’ll only have a better idea about your main point after you have had a crash course through the first rough draft of your essay! Do make sure your introduction comes across as active and assertive.Some will suspect that this biographical fact is responsible for the authors’ attitudes toward names and naming.The authors respectfully submit that the reverse is closer to the truth, that their attitude toward names and naming—and the many things that they have slowly come to understand about what names imply—is responsible for this paramount biographical fact. Our name is as familiar and as close to us as our own skin; indeed, we are more frequently aware of our name than we are of the unique living body that it identifies.


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