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In the first paragraph, drawn from the opening of "Here Is New York," E. White approaches the city through a simple pattern of classification.

For more information on ticket prices and opening times you should check out the Empire State Building website. One of the oldest suspension Bridges in the States, it connects Manhattan with Brooklyn over the East River.

The Flatiron building we saw, the Empire State Building we climbed… But not only these famous landmarks caught our eye.

Whether it is a farmer arriving from a small town in Mississippi to escape the indignity of being observed by her neighbors, or a boy arriving from the Corn Belt with a manuscript in his suitcase and a pain in his heart, it makes no difference.

Each embraces New York with the intense excitement of first love, and each absorbs New York with the fresh eyes of an adventurer, each generates heat and light to dwarf the Consolidated Edison Company.

In the next two paragraphs, taken from the end of the essay, White hauntingly anticipates the terror that would visit the city more than 50 years later. Third, there is New York of the person who was born somewhere else and came to New York in quest of something.

Notice White's habit of putting keywords in the most emphatic spot in a sentence: the very end. Of these trembling cities, the greatest is the last — the city of final destination, the city that is a goal.

As we watch a lot of American movies and television series in Belgium, there were other, more general things we saw all around us that often made us go: “That’s just like on tv! One example were the (to us) typical fire escape stairs: To get away from all the noise, we decided to talk a walk in what must be one of the world’s most famous parks: Central Park.

The image from Central Park I’d gotten from television was that of a place filled with in-line skaters and squirrels.


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