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Median Annual Salary: $69,350 Projected Growth Rate: 10% Also known as chief financial officers, financial managers manage the finances of an organization.

They make budgets, analyze payments, plan investments, and manage the financial strategy.

The same holds true for budget analysts and cost estimators.

Today's accountants can choose from an array of exciting fields and hold the highest offices in modern workplaces.

You can also land a high-level position as a finance manager or find employment in a nonprofit for a cause you support.

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The point is, an accounting degree gives you a strong foundation on which to build a career tailored to your interests and goals.For people who choose to continue their education and become Certified Public Accountants (CPA), the median salary is ,800, and it can climb to well over 4,000 per year.Additionally, those with a CPA certification make 5% to 15% more than their non-CPA counterparts.Part of the reason for accounting's growth and popularity is that it allows people to enter many areas of business.The BLS projects faster than average growth for financial managers, a position for which an accounting degree provides training.Next, learn more about this college major such as the Types of Internships for Accounting Majors and get more career tips for internships and entry-level jobs such as When to Start Applying for a Summer Internship.Accounting ranks among one of the oldest fields in business.You might take a job as a traditional accountant for a major corporation, working in an entry-level position in a downtown office.You might also travel the country as a fraud investigator for the government.The amount you’ll make with an accounting degree depends on the type of company you pursue as well as how far you decide to continue your education.College students who graduate with a degree in accounting make a median salary of ,500.


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