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What is the context in Derrida’s thought as a whole?

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Derrida’s ethical position is established through the duality of his deconstructive philosophy.

The duality leans towards the second pole, but neither can be eliminated from a presence in each other or in any interpretative work.

Kant refers to colonialism as what abuses laws of hospitality, because the colonialist goes beyond the right of a guest in a foreign land in imposing sovereignty on a conquered people.

Friendship in classical and early modern thinkers raises issues of the friendship between citizens that is part of a political community.

He had an interpretative approach based on close reading of texts with regard to questions of original meaning and context on one side; the ambiguities and contradictions of the text on the other side.

He explains this approach well in a paper on ethics he gave in Istanbul in 1997, “Hostipitalité”, "Hostipitalité" in Pera Peras Poros: Atelier interdisciplinaire avec et autour de…These are republican issues, that is issues of what integrates citizens into a political community and what denies political rights to individuals who wish to be part of a community.The exploration of hospitality in “Hostipitality” goes together with a discussion of literature, in the case of Klossowski as it shows ambiguity in the notion of a host, because the host only shows hospitality by defining the guest as someone who doesn’t belong, who is someone other than the host and proprietor.In typical Derridean fashion, the hospitality is shown to be a necessary impossibility resting on a contradiction that can never be eliminated or resolved.The contradiction is approached in the affirmative in a double yes-saying which negates the enmity and the constitutive opposition between hospitality and enmity, in which the difference can become the opposition of enmity.The infinite must be other in relation to the finite contents of consciousness at any one moment.The interior consciousness described by phenomenology rests on the exteriority of infinity.Etymology shows the relationship between host and hostility, reinforcing the idea of the hospitality that necessarily defines the guest as Other.That otherness can always be the otherness of the enemy who threatens the host.His philosophy emerges from discussion of texts by others, where various references and themes are interwoven.Derrida had good reasons for not writing in that way himself.


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