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The name "Lion" or "Lyon" appeared in the 13th century.In the Renaissance, fiscal advantages and the organisation of numerous trade fairs attracted bankers from Florence and merchants from all over Europe; the city became more and more prosperous and experienced a second golden age.In the following centuries, Lyon was hurt by the religious wars but remained a major industrial and intellectual centre, while the financial activity moved to Geneva and Switzerland.

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In the early 19th century, the silk industry was still developing, notably thanks to Jacquard's loom which made the weaving work more efficient.

Social crises, however, occurred: in 1831, the first revolt of the canuts was harshly repressed.

The workers were protesting against the introduction of new technology, which was likely to cause unemployment.

Other riots took place in 1834, 18, especially in the Croix-Rousse neighbourhood.

The first Roman settlements were on Fourvière hill.

The main period of peace and prosperity of the Roman city was between 69 and 192 AD.

It is more and more open to the world, with an increasing number of students and international events.

All periods of Lyon's 2000-year history have left visible traces in the city's architectural and cultural heritage, from Roman ruins to Renaissance palaces to contemporary skyscrapers.


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