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CSS likewise has several mechanisms for grouping rules.

However, intuition isn't always a good guide when estimating efficiency.

But then there will no doubt be new appliances (and applications).

Designers of Web technology will always have to consider efficiency.

Network throughput isn't linear: a message consisting of a single TCP package is much faster than one with two packets, but four packets typically take less time than two separate messages of two packets (see [Frystyk97]).

Java is often perceived to be slow, but Jigsaw (an HTTP server in Java) can typically hold its own against Apache (an HTTP server in C), because much of the perceived slowness comes from starting the Java virtual machine; once that runs, Java is fast enough (see [Jig Perf]).If your reps are tasked with making 70 calls each day, and they easily hit their numbers, they are effective at their jobs.Some might even go above and beyond and make 80 or 90 calls each day.However, by pursuing efficiency at all costs (irony intended), some of these companies are missing a valuable chance to take a step back and look at their overall effectiveness from a big picture perspective.The Holy Grail for every company is to always pursue the top right box – pursuing the right goals and being efficient, by making use of technological advances, not wasting time, and having better alignment and collaboration of between employees."Progressive rendering" (the effect that displaying a response starts before all the data has arrived) can help as well.CSS, for example, has been designed in such a way that every line of a document can be displayed as soon as it arrives (although for text inside tables that requires some extra work by the style sheet writer).People lose their concentration if a page takes longer than ten seconds to appear.Of course, computers get more powerful and bandwidth increases continually, at least on average.What is the difference between effectiveness and efficiency?They are two buzzwords that are popularly used by CEOs and Sales VPs in charting the course of their organization.


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