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Secondly, advertising introduces the different brands of the same product.Advertisement tells about the qualities of each brand, and we can easily select.

This is a stiff challenge for global marketers since the tools are not equally effective everywhere and some are not even available in certain country markets.

The most visible promotional activity is perhaps global advertising.

Traditional mass media, such as television and magazines, are most commonly used.

However, the direct mailing of catalogues, electronic media advertisements featuring computerized ordering, and other direct-response vehicles are becoming increasingly popular.

The government had to advertise on large scale its new taxation policies.

Fourthly, it is through advertisements that we come to know of new service jobs.

According to American Marketing Association, “Advertising is any paid form of non-personal presentation of ideas, goods or services by an identified sponsor”.

Advertising includes any informative or persuasive message carried by a non-personal medium and paid for by a sponsor whose product is in some way identified in the message.

Global promotion involves a variety of activities, ranging from in- store point-of-purchase displays and Sunday newspaper coupons to satellite TV advertising and sponsorship of symphony orchestras, athletic events such as the Olympics, Soccer’s World Cup, and major tennis tournaments.

All of these various tools need to be integrated and project a consistent message and image for maximum effectiveness.


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