Essay On Death

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These are some of the issues with the death penalty.

I am strongly against the death penalty and what it stands for.

*All quotations are taken from “Debating the Death Penalty” by D.

You have got to live a life you won’t regret 60 years from now, when your dying.

You only get one life so take advantage of it, and do something great! I want to live an exciting life and achieve as much as I can.

In order for me to know who I am as a person, I need to find myself.

Only then will I be able to love myself and others.

I don’t want to die knowing I didn’t have the one special person by my side.

Before I die, I want to accomplish something that will make a change in our world.

In our generation we have all these teens using drugs and drinking alcohol on a regular basis, so by the time they are 25-30 years old, they’ve become alcoholics.

I want to be that person that helps them stop using drugs and drinking.


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