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Chopin, succumbing to the persuasion of his friend, stayed in Vienna.In low spirits and anxious about the fate of his country and family, he ceased planning the further course of his career, an attitude explained in a letter to Elsner: “In vain does Malfatti try to convince me that every artist is a cosmopolitan.He spent his summer holidays in estates belonging to the parents of his school friends in various parts of the country.

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He enjoyed tremendous success with the public, and although the critics censured his performance for its small volume of sound, they acclaimed him as a genius of the piano and praised his compositions.

Consequently, the Viennese publisher Tobias Haslinger printed the Variations on a theme from Mozart.

Even if so, as an artist, I am still in my cradle, as a Pole, I am already twenty; I hope, therefore that, knowing me well, you will not chide me that so far I have not thought about the program of the concert”.

The performance ultimately took place on 11 June 1831, in the K?

The musical talent of Frederic became apparent extremely early on, and it was compared with the childhood genius of Mozart.

Already at the age of 7, Frederic was the author of two polonaises, the first being published in the engraving workshop of Father Cybulski.

Traces of these experiences are encountered in the so-called Stuttgart diary: “The enemy is in the house (…) Oh God, do You exist? – Have You not had enough of Moscow’s crimes or are You Yourself a Muscovite [...] I am here, useless! At times I can only groan, suffer, and pour out my despair at my piano!

” In the autumn of 1831 Chopin arrived in Paris where he met many fellow countrymen. In Paris, his reputation as an artist grew rapidly.

rtnertortheater, where, accompanied by an orchestra, he played Variations and the Rondo ?

la Krakowiak, as well as performing improvisations.


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