Essay On Macbeth Themes

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What I want to say was that Macbeth was just morally weaker than other normal human beings such as Banquo, who have very little ambition, Macbeth should been more responsible for his own actions and not blaming his downfall on the witches and his wife.

Thanks to Lady Macbeth who acts as a ruthless, overpowering woman who dominates her husband and his actions.

Ambition is described as eager for success, power or fame. Ambition was what drove him to become great, it forced him to change his nature towards evil.

At the beginning of the play, Macbeth was portrayed as a courageous soldier who fought for his King without mercy.

However when he reaches the kingship, his ambition grow like never before, with his new found power, Macbeth begins to gain strength which he never before possessed.

He starts to take charge of his own actions, and Lady Macbeth loses control of him.

She makes Macbeth’s decisions for him without giving him any say in his own actions, and she orders her husband to do what she determines to be best for him.

It was Lady Macbeth who contrives the plan to kill King Duncan, because she knows that Macbeth would never commit such an act on his own without her prodding.

Towards the end of the play when Lady Macbeth went insane and kills herself but still unable to remove the “damned spot” When she died, Macbeth shows some good which may have been.

He wishes for a normal life for which he would have lived to an honourable age but he realised that can t be done.


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