Essay On My Hobby As A Painting

Essay On My Hobby As A Painting-22
For example, it is no secret that during some traveling man faces some domestic problems, which can be difficult to overcome.

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Do checkout “Essay On Dancing” Dance – the only art form in which we ourselves are a tool.

Ever since childhood, I have been an active and lively child, I liked the music and I’m hearing a couple of rhythmic sounds, selflessly start to dance.

Traveling is a hobby of mine for a number of reasons. When people live in one place and is engaged in all the time the same business, he too gets used to his life, to what surrounds it. This expands the world of the man himself, forcing him to look at the world through different eyes and become spiritually richer.

Secondly, the trip to help check their own forces, very often, they are a kind of test for the human.

All these hobbies gives us soothing effect on our brains.

Different people have different hobbies so everyone enjoys it. Not for such a long time in my life I have had to travel quite a lot. Well, this question is both simple and complex, as a hobby in the life of every human being arises from the specific life circumstances. When a person travels, he sees other people’s lives, their way of life, begins to understand their philosophy.

But to give up at least one of them, I do not want. Catching at the music school, I mastered several instruments: accordion, piano, guitar, and drums. My family – professional musicians, so a love of music lies in my genes. Always nice to do without a bloody fistfight with his rival, replacing it with, for example, duel with swords.

I have not been as successful in following my hobbies, but they get pleasure from tremendous. But I’m doing it on an amateur level clean catch unexpected interesting episodes of school time or make memorable shots for the family album, mostly at the request of parents. Artist from me, let’s face it, no, but how much fun and positive brings me is my passion. For me, as for the future, a touring orchestra, musician, they are extremely important.

However, I am aware that this is more of my personal and subjective.

I never chose a hobby and did not aspire to, to pick up in his capacity as something popular or widespread. “ Serious making music does not interfere with the young prodigy enjoys photography and fencing, painting and studying foreign languages.


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