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One Nation-One Language was also mooted as the idea for the basis of national identity largely based upon the European experience. The disintegration of USSR into multiple nation states was seen as the culmination of the struggle for freedom of diverse groups that were ethnically diverse.The making and remaking of various African boundaries also seen as the result of the assertion of ethnic identities as separate national identity.The modern state of Israel is also an example of the formation of National identity on the basis of an imagined coherence between Culture and Religion on one hand and Nation-State on the other.

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Ultimately it is the width and depth of the imagination of this community which decides the course of a nation.

A country like India, with multiple and diverse linguistic, religious and ethnic identities could claim to be a nation only because of the inclusiveness and tolerance that has been its hallmark centuries.

A nation is formed by the set of people who inhabit a certain geographical landmass, are a part of a consolidated political unit, have shared rights and duties, follow a common legal system and so on.

But more than all of this, a nation is an expression of people’s ideas and aspirations.

This line of argumentation also spilled over to religious identity as well.

Religion was used as the basis for the two nation theory which led to the partition of United India into India and Pakistan.

As such Patriotism is not only a display of love and a deep sense of affection for one’s country; it is also a feeling of pride.

Rabindranath Tagore often used a term ‘Deshabhimaan’ as a synonym for this word in his works which aptly captures one of the dimensions of this word.

Apart from that, excessive pride in a national identity and display of Patriotism may acquire the form of ‘ when faced with any issue or problem of past/present, vitiates the community atmosphere and starts imposing restrictions upon any free speech or dissent.

Such extremism leads only to great destruction as exemplified several times in history by various totalitarian regimes such as those of Hitler and Mussolini. Murrow, an American journalist said in of USA during one of the most volatile phases of Cold War.


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