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It is the task of the Government to look after the welfare of all the people of the country but, the Government alone can do precious little.

To help the Government in this task social service organizations must be mobilized to work hand in hand with the Government, only then a substantial result may be felt on the ground.

The student community consists of young people who are full of enthusiasm and zeal for whatever work they are given.

They have the energy and the mobility which elders lack and, above all they are a mighty force.

The students can be mobilized in the spread of literacy, which can be made into a nation wide project.

The Government and the social welfare organizations have been trying to do a lot but, the achievement is not enough.No matter what the awareness is about, whether it is about health hazards, cleanliness drives, AIDS or cancer, we can utilize the services of the young to help us in these magnum projects.Since the children these days are more alert to their surroundings, they can be used also for mobilizing public opinion for nay given them.In the bargain they will learn a lot, do a lot, and achieve a lot.In this way while they are still students, they will be joining the bandwagon of social workers and participating effectively in nation building.When we see both government and social service organizations working towards the goal of social upliftment, we forget a great force in the country which can be an asset to this and that force is the student community.If this community is mobilized to help the Government and welfare agencies, the task will become easier and the results will be more tangible.In doing this they will also develop the thought of dignity of labour which is sadly lacking in us Indians.Thus, if we take into confidence, our student community, and share our problems with them, I am sure they have a great potential of helping us out of the wilderness of illiteracy, health hazards etc.Team work and assimilation with the rural community will become added qualities infused in the younger generation, and we will have achieved our goals of service their magnum support.In the villages, the students can take up massive cleanliness projects, and teach the rural people the necessity of keeping clean, which will automatically lead them to better health standards.


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