Essay On Violence In Movies

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After blasting all 10,000 of the bullets into the ten guys he was trying to kill, my girlfriend got right up, marched over to the VCR in disgust, and pushed stop before I could get one word of protest out.

As you can see, these days there’s not much you can do to get away from watching a movie with even a little violence in it.

The back of the box showed nothing of violence and the description gave no hints to shootings and killings.

The beginning of the movie went well but about a half hour into it, as soon as we could blink our eyes, one of the characters pulls out about twelve machine guns planning to kill the whole city I guess.

A report, ‘The Effects of Video Violence on Young Offenders’, published by the Home Office in 1998 did conclude the following: - ‘The implication is that both a history of family violence and offending behavior are necessary preconditions for developing a significant preference for violent film action and role models’.

Kevin Browne, one of the authors of the report, said the link between film violence and actual violence could not be proved but stated ‘Nevertheless people who come from violent families and commit violent offences are more likely to lock into violent scenes, remember violent characters, and this may well influence their behavior.’ Both of these sources agree that there is not a direct link between film violence and real life violence, but in contrast both agree that people with a violent family history and a record of offensive behavior might well be influenced by film violence.

Imagine, a man just got shot in the chest and his blood is pouring out like water from a faucet.

The killer pulls out a knife to finish his work and violently stabs his victim to death. The fact is, many people do want to see violent movies, and this has been proven with their high ratings at the box office.

I became so focused on what was happening in the movie, that I felt like I was taking part in the danger, and the only thing...

Comparing Burgess and Draper's Theory of Family Violence and the Film, The Burning Bed I.


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