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Alternatively, perhaps by replacing the “multitudinous seas” with this ominous colour of red, he is also murdering the nature beneath the sea level, and most of the planet because the ocean covers a wider mass of Earth.

Therefore, by showing that not even water, the purest of all substances can wash away these emotions, implies that they are finite and everlasting.

It is also incredibly interesting that Shakespeare has chosen to juxtapose the two solutions: sea and blood here, as water is a holy substance, representing God’s word in the bible.

The use of supernatural events played a key role in making the play work and making the play interesting.

Shakespeare uses the supernatural events of the witches' predictions, floating dagger, Banquo's ghost, and the Cawdon scene to move characters through the play.

This is particularly effective, as it could foreshadow the demise yet to come, as if the sin is spreading, becoming an “ocean”, it implies that the guilt Macbeth is feeling because he cannot be cleansed, is going to become much larger, perhaps large enough to fill an “ocean”, to fill and cover the plot of the play from now on, just as the ocean does the earth.

In the Medieval era, the colour red, not only synonymous with blood, announced hatred, anger, aggression, and war.Guilt can be seen through the pattern of speech in the play, and its progression as the guilt consumes Lady Macbeth’s sanity and mental wellbeing.Her speech adapts throughout the tragedy, from Act 1 scene 5, when her speech is of a Great lady; her speeches are in blank verse and the strong rhythm of iambic pentameter declare her sense of purpose and confidence.In the play Macbeth by William Shakespeare, there were many supernatural events.Supernatural events are unnatural things that came to be true.However, by act 5 scene 1 this seems to have deteriorated as she speaks in prose, which is choppy and abrupt, even descending to doggerel with the rhyme of “Fife” and “wife”.Interestingly, perhaps Shakespeare’s writing is reflecting what it means to break down, even her language is breaking down because the guilt of sin is removing her ability to communicate, think and compose herself, thus removing any traces of her identity.Shakespeare’s use of hyperbolic language that “great Neptune’s ocean” cannot “wash this blood clean” demonstrates how Macbeth cannot escape the “blood” of King Duncan, and thus the sin he has committed, as it is in such a mass that it can fill an “ocean”.In addition to this, Macbeth is making the whole “ocean” “red” with Duncan’s blood, to suggest that instead of cleansing him, the sin is instead becoming the water, and is spreading, eventually becoming worse.In this case, Shakespeare’s messages here may be of his strong opinions on the consequences and questions of morality surrounding regicide and the chain of being, as for a king to be killed throughout the Shakespearean era, was the worst sin to be committed because the king was next in line to God.Perhaps Shakespeare’s messages are that if a person sacrifices themselves to committing regicide, the consequences will be fatal, and tragic, alike Lady Macbeth’s, and this is after the unimaginable contempt of losing social status and natural function in the mind.


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