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Telling lies include white lies seems to go against the moralities that we teach children.

Therefore, telling the truth is necessary, even if it is a white lie because it affects relationship, reputation and the right to know the truth.

An overview gives the writer a sketch of the paper and aids in work organization. To write a thesis statement, one needs to determine their position.

This is done by thoroughly reviewing relevant course materials, evaluating and analyzing arguments on both sides and ultimately developing your take on the issue.

Moreover, it’s hard for them to get a promotion because of their attitude.

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Thus, honesty is one of the ways people looking at the value of a person.

No one can believe a person who always tells lies to them.

A fairy tale about a little child told a lie to his village that wolves came to eat their sheep.

After she figures out the truth, she may like to go with friends who usually tell the truth, even if it hurts her, but it’s useful.

The truth maybe hurts our feelings at first, but it aims to the fact that would be good for us.


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