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In these two essays, I address these issues using (1) macroeconomic data and a cointegration model to quantify the effects of renewable energy on GDP in 15 developing countries and (2) microeconomic data and a fixed-effects panel model to measure the impacts of climate change on agriculture in Chile.

In the first essay, I find that switching from fossil fuels to renewable energy has a positive effect on GDP in developing countries both in the long and the short-run.

1948) developed a body of work that linked the sculptural and the poetic.

She looked to the transformative power of "precarious" forms—small spatial constructions with elements taken from nature destined to disappear—and of what she called her (Stupid diary), the erotic poems with a feminist bent that she wrote from 1966 to 1972.

For contradictory reasons—political as well as cultural in nature—Chile played a central role on the international scene in the 1970s.

In 1970 Salvador Allende, the candidate representing the Unidad Popular, a coalition of leftist parties, was elected president in a turn of events that was as exceptional as it was hopeful: Chile represented for the world the possibility of a transition to socialism by democratic means in a peaceful revolution.This is controversial, because the Andean Pine is the preferred nesting habitat of the giant condor, and this great bird is slowly being wiped out as a result of kids making coaster sets, spice racks, etc.Another remarkable aspect of Chile is the huge red flowers that bloom in the Atacama desert whenever it rains.I find that one more day of temperatures above the upper threshold of 29C reduces corn and potato yields by almost 20% and that these reductions in yields are strongest for the poorest regions of the country.These results give evidence that future climate change will have significant negative impacts on agriculture in Chile and could also increase inequality and poverty.signs, and posters indicated that a conception of culture immersed in the urban and popular scene had taken hold.In her song "De cuerpo entero" (1966), Violeta Parra (1917–1967) communicated the political emotion that activated multitudes, placing them at center stage.Those who stayed were surrounded by violence and repression, facing imprisonment and torture, and those forced to leave Chile had to deal with the uprootedness that exile entailed.Before and during the socialist administration, Cecilia Vicuña (b.These results show that using renewable energy will not only help mitigate the effects of climate change by reducing the amount of CO2 in the atmosphere, but also allow them to get out of poverty.In the second essay, I find that high temperatures are extremely harmful for corn and potato production in Chile.


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