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Many people join social media network sites and seek acceptance of some kind and seek being important to someone else. We all have family and children and friends who obviously think we are important to a certain degree, but outside of that, what does it really matter who thinks we are important or not? We can care about other people and think that they are important to us, but the only true person that is important is ourselves.

Maybe its loneliness or something other void that they are trying to fill, but they are trying to fill it nonetheless. People will always want to feel important because it gives them a self satisfaction or gratification that they think they need to have. We have to be important to ourselves in order for other people to see the same in us.

We cannot totally avoid these aspects of our life, as it is always interrelated with the other people and everything can drastically change any moment.

A lot of people, namely pessimists, find these challenges to be too hard for them and in such situations they just choose not to interfere in the course of affairs and as if someone sympathizes with their misery. I choose to perceive these challenges in such a way that they polish my character and make me a better person.

In order to in each and every aspect of life, it is necessary to apply certain effort, analyze the situation and think of the ways you can benefit from it.

Often, it requires much effort, but it is totally worth it.There are lots of opportunities for you and the only thing you must do is to choose and strive for it. But sometimes there is less love in the heart of everyone so there is having space for hatred.Sometimes, there is too much love that it created hatred.There are things no matter where we go in life that are important to us.What is important to one person may not be important to another. We may never know at all if we are important to anybody else, but the question will linger in our minds no matter what.Once we have accepted that we mean something to ourselves, we can open the door to others and then, and only then, seek their acceptance.Any of these concepts or thoughts, if applicable to you, could be a jumping off point for your essay about life.Maybe it can seem too idealistic a picture, but I believe that a hard and consistent work on your character and world view in order to achieve such a mode of life helps very much.My friends who choose this way of thinking say that the main thing here is to remember it is totally worth all the effort. You must struggle to survive but don’t be greedy to succeed at the expense of others.Life is not all about lying down in a bed of roses.


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