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On the other hand, multiparty negotiations involve the formation of alliances or coalitions amongst parties with the intent of influencing the outcome and process. The adversarial negotiation model is the most common form, especially in legal negotiations.It is also an individualistic, distributive or zero-sum bargaining negotiation model.Such differences may entail purchase, sale, mergers, contracts or legal disputes.

In adversarial negotiation, each party tries to win as many concessions as they can.

The more one party receives, the less the other party gets.

It also assumes that the matters being bargained over are limited to those that a court or arbitrator could award.

The best outcome is reached after a compromise on the items, values and goals at issue.

Negotiation involves reaching an agreement between two or more parties that have dissimilar goals and needs that require compromise.

Essays Communication Skills

Ideally, the agreement should stand to benefit each of those parties.

The art of negotiation arises when interests are at conflict.

In negotiations, reaching common ground and reaching a reasonable consensus on disparate positions is vital.

The second common model, the problem solving negotiation model, focuses on identifying the underlying needs or interests of the parties and does its best to produce a win-win outcome.

It is also involves integrative, cooperative, collaborative or accommodative bargaining.


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