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But the boy cries out, and in an effort to silence him, the creature chokes William to death.He subsequently frames the family servant for his crime, leading to her execution.

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In nearly half, power-hungry scientists keep their inventions a secret.

In more than a third, the breakthrough gets out of control; 6 in 10 depict the discovery or device causing harm to innocent people.

" Later, enraptured by the study of natural philosophy at the university in Ingolstadt, he devotes himself to the question of whence the principle of life proceeded.

"Life and death appeared to me ideal bounds, which I should first break through, and pour a torrent of light into our dark world," he exults.

Stephen Jones, in Yet everywhere that Frankenstein's creature goes, he and his creator are misunderstood.

Almost without exception, his cinematic doubles are embedded in narratives that depict science and scientists as dangerously bent on an unethical pursuit of forbidden knowledge. It is an idea that has quietly seeped into popular culture in the last 200 years, shaping even those movies and books not explicitly based on Shelley's work.

Early reviewers scolded the then-unknown author, complaining that the slim volume had "neither principle, object, nor moral" and fretting that "it cannot mend, and will not even amuse its readers, unless their taste have been deplorably vitiated."Yet almost from the moment of its publication, Shelley's narrative has been pressed into service as a modern morality play—a warning against freewheeling scientific experimentation.

That reading is pervasive to this day in policy conversations and popular culture alike, cropping up everywhere from bioengineering conferences to an endless string of modern cinematic reboots.

Frankenstein's arduous study of physiology and anatomy are eventually rewarded by a "brilliant and wondrous" insight: He has "succeeded in discovering the cause of generation and life" and is "capable of bestowing animation upon lifeless matter."Working alone and in secret, Frankenstein sets about creating a human being using materials gathered from dissecting rooms and slaughterhouses.

Because it is easier to work at a larger scale, he decides to make his creature 8 feet tall.


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