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That same fidelity to the inferential logic of Fanon’s antiracism and ours constrains to subject to relentless criticism abominable non-racial wrongs, indeed, all forms of dehumanisation in postcolonial societies, all inhumanities inflicted on women and men living while human.” It is in this spirit that Sekyi-Otu returns to not another explication of Fanon but a fine-grained engagement with Fanon as a foundational thinker to engage contemporary problems.The essays perform a partisan and concrete universalism: “an apprehension of an African condition which is unique”, refusing any “grand narrative” of being, history and existence, and which is “the most profoundly condition”.

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Essays On Ghana

He quotes Fanon’s comment from in the French original as ‘the human being’ (rather than ‘man’) in fidelity to the egalitarian presuppositions of his argument.Into this common sea run tributary rivers from all world’s continents.” Sekyi-Otu begins with the juxtaposition of “historical communism and the idea of communism”, expressing a central point, namely that the connection and disconnection between notion and reality is far from static.Recognising that epistemic, political and moral horizons are shaped by context, specific times, places, histories and cultures, Seyki-Otu recognises that the act can transcend context.We are blessed (with apologies to Armah) that Sekyi-Otu has, upon his retirement, returned to his native land – Ghana – and from that new ground, found a new and seemingly boundless energy to create a book that offers such profound insights into a set of the critical questions of our time.Indeed, the concept of microfinance is not new in Ghana.The monetary award would be equivalent to a year's tuition for a public university in Ghana," he said. He said it was possible that the published essays on their own would have the chance of winning awards when published."Additionally, the published essays will automatically qualify for the final scholarship round when winners and runners-up will be chosen for the tuition awards." All interested applicants should visit for details.Mr Ablorh-Odjidjah said contestants were required to furnish their own title to the essay, provided the theme for the essay is justified in the exposition."and other sponsors of the [email protected] essay programme aim to award full tuition scholarships for one year to the final winners.On the contrary, he stresses that putting Africa at the centre is by no means an elision of the rest of the world.Rather, he argues, “Africacentric offers a welcoming home to justifying idioms of moral and political argument, of literary semantics and interpretation, regularly set in mutual opposition.” It proposes and performs a universalism that is not unmodified but partisan, openly for “Africa’s sake”.


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