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Other days, it feels like the most confining thing I could fathom—three adult women living in very close quarters.I’ll call my girlfriends to chat while I’m waiting at the car wash because that’s a rare moment of privacy.

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Amazingly, it wasn’t awkward or uncomfortable—probably because we’d known each other so long.

And it didn’t hurt that Curt has a fabulous eye for decoration.

(He hates that I’ll make Luca a separate dinner if he doesn’t like what the rest of us are eating.) For the children, though, having three parents is phenomenal; they have two fathers who’ll toss around a baseball with them for hours on end and a mom who’ll let them stay up too late watching movies in bed with her.

And I’m lucky, too—if the kids are driving me nuts, Curt will take them out for an hour to give me some peace, then come home with a bottle of red wine. We were coming back from a family vacation in Costa Rica in 2013, and the customs officer didn’t understand why each of the adults had a different last name; one kid had mine and the other had Chris’s.

So we started trying to explain: “She’s my daughter and they’re her fathers, and they’re a couple, and he’s adopted.” The guy just handed back our passports, shaking his head and laughing as he sent us through.

He said, “You couldn’t make this up if you tried.”I WAS ENGAGED MORE than a decade ago, but broke it off after an important realization: I was staying with him only because I wanted kids.

That’s how we got our son, Luca, who was born in Ethiopia.

Now five of us live in the same happy, chaotic three-bedroom apartment.

If you want to be as happy as the folks below, we’d encourage you to see it for what it can be: a marvelous, occasionally messy collection of partners, parents, exes, siblings, babies, and best friends—all bonded by that most powerful glue..

I LIVE IN MANHATTAN with two men—neither is my husband. One is my best friend, Chris, whom I’ve known since we were 12, and the other is his partner, Curt; they’ve been together for three decades.


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