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These debates obviously center on the individual agent.

These debates obviously center on the individual agent.

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It also enables us to relate responsibility to its original philosophical use, which was in political thought. It is also, as Paul Ricoeur has observed, "not really well-established within the philosophical tradition" (2000: 11).

This is reflected in the fact that we can locate two rather different philosophical approaches to responsibility.

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We might also approach the same issue with a somewhat different emphasis: What features of (normal, adult) human are involved in our holding one another responsible? Here responsibility names a virtue – a morally valuable character trait. One of the word’s original uses was to call for "responsible government." We can compare this with the more recent demand that corporations be "socially responsible." This aspect of responsibility has received very little philosophical attention.

is a question most often asked by philosophers in connection with causation and accountability. If your mind-set is that you’re at least 85% responsible for your success—and that just 15% depends on the way the wind blows—you’ll likely be successful.If you blame your problems and failures—big or small, personal or professional—on other people, circumstances beyond your control, or just plain bad luck, you may be doomed to fail. Accountability is not just a mind-set—it’s also a skill-set that everyone can learn.Would the truth of determinism eliminate such responsibility?Recent moral philosophy contains many attempts to show how responsible agency might be with the causal order of the universe.In fact, there are several important uses of responsibility as it relates to individuals, which this article will tackle in turn.There are also important questions about the distinction between moral and legal responsibility.Philosophical discussion of responsibility has focused largely on (1) and (2).The article points out that a wider view of responsibility helps explore some connections between moral and legal responsibility, and between individual and collective responsibility.We evaluate people and groups as responsible or not, depending on how seriously they take their responsibilities. Sometimes we do this formally, for instance in legal judgment.This article considers mainly moral responsibility, and focuses largely upon individuals.


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