Essays On Television A Boon Or A Curse

Honestly speaking, it amuses me when people try and find answers to questions like “Is the internet considered good or bad? Somehow I feel that the question-whether Internet is good or bad has become somewhat hypothetical; almost similar to “what came first chicken or egg.” Personally, being a student of this new age tech-active generation, I am aware how impossible our lives would be without the Internet but then I cannot be blind towards the negative side of the Internet. want to......a conflict (Introduction to Media Violence, n.p.).

In addition to the threat of violence perception through the media, excessive Internet use also might result in some negative consequences, including: cyber bullying, sexualization of children, dependence, and other harm to psychological function (Impact of Media on children 43).

For better or worse, television has definitely provided a common platform for all genders, age- groups, races, religions, nationalities and educational level.

Much has been debated and said about numerous aspects of television and its impact on our society- both good and bad.

Television has also done a great job in the field of education.

There are many quiz shows on television which increase the knowledge of students.Television has broken down all barriers between men and women, adult and children, ethnic groups and nations.Today, if one does not have enough money to travel to exotic places, the option of clicking the remote and switching to a travel program is always there.Although it is commendable to be aware of what is happening on our planet, it does not make our neighborhood problems or our loved ones' sorrows any less important.Joshua aptly sums up the scenario in a single statement- "the more we rely on our video window, the less relation there is between where we are and what we know and experience, the less there's a relationship between where we are and who we are".Nevertheless one facet of it has probably dodged our attention - is television taking us away from ourselves Joshua Meygrowitz gives a vivid and thought provoking account of it in his article titled "The 19-Inch Neighborhood".The theme of the article revolves around the change our society, attitudes and priorities have undergone along with the percolation of television, internet and media in our lives.Children of all ages are exposed to things that their earlier day's counterparts had not even heard of.All kind of people from all walks of life have an access to everything under the sun.“Internet- A Boon plus a Bane” “INTERNET” is just an eight lettered word but it engulfs the entire universe in it.Whether it is a boon or bane is very much debatable and yes, it has been debated upon many a times.


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