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While serving his time Taylor experience the war in its full spectrum, from the homesickness and the comradery of the men to the nightmares of battle.The enemy is the North Vietnamese and the Viet Cong but you rarely view them except as shadowy figures in the jungle or momentarily illuminated by the light of a flare.

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Rhetorical Analysis of "Platoon"A Vietnam veteran in Oliver Stone directed the movie Platoon.

His first-hand experience of the war allowed him to tell a different story then most war movies. Joe: Retaliation." The film "Step Up 2" has grossed more than fifteen million dollars while its budget was just twenty-two millions; as a result, it surpassed the original movie and was quite successful.

Death is an interesting concept, as wars are generally speaking, trying to kill as many as possible of the opposite force.

This was very interesting, as in the platoon Taylor is put in, they also try killing civilians and each other.

Chris and the rest of the soldiers are unaware of what they are getting into and are given little time to prepare.

"Trapped in the cage of front-line life, living (if they're luck) from moment to moment, values that apply elsewhere fade out for Barnes and others" (Kauffman 24).This would not have happened, had a normal group of people gone around with each other, as we do each and every day in our daily lives.But because they had seen and participated in war, it was as if a terrible attack gene had been activated in these men, letting them kill everyone they wanted dead with ease.The film shows the Vietnam experience from the average soldier's point of view.In the beginning Chris Taylor is very ignorant and his chances of survival are slim.Tom Beringer, who plays the experienced Sergeant Barnes, was nominated in the Best Supporting Actor category along with Willem Defoe who plays Sergeant Elias.Charlie Sheen plays Chris Taylor, an idealistic student who had dropped out of college, joined the army, and volunteered for Vietnam.You soon realize that he, too, is just doing everything to ensure his own survival.Platoon shows how the War affected the soldiers, and how none of them felt that they were fighting for a reason.Platoon is an Orion Pictures production, filmed in 1986.Written and directed by Oliver Stone it tells the gruesome story of a Vietnam War not known by the American public.


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