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To make matters worse, many are located internationally, where financial protections many take for granted are not present.Even if you manage to complete the transaction and get a decent essay, you’ve still provided your financial data to a less-than-credible company and their credit card processor.A well-written paper can be a great help for your studies, but how can you make sure its content is original?

So, after you request a custom paper from an academic writing service and get a completed order, ensure you have got unique content.If you want a good grade on your paper, an essay mill is not the way to go.3: There May Still Be Plagiarism Authors who are tasked with large amounts of writing in short periods of time often take short cuts. The demands of writing for an essay mill coupled with sloppy citations makes it so that your “guaranteed original” essay may still trigger a plagiarism investigation.To succeed at writing essays you need to know how to analyse the question and plan the structure.This book looks at how you can approach your essay planning and writing successfully.1: Many Essay Mills Are Scams Here’s a quick question: What are you going to do if you pay for a paper and it’s’ never delivered? They can then reopen under a different name and repeat the whole process.Doing business with an unscrupulous company is always going to be risky and there is little to stop them from not delivering at all, leaving you poorer, closer to your deadline and still without a paper.Once again, if you’re not satisfied with the project, there isn’t much you can do.Even if you can get your money back, how does it repay for the punishment you’ll likely face?Learn More Empower students to think critically and take ownership of their work.Easy-to-use feedback and grading features facilitate instructional intervention and save time both in and outside of the classroom.


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