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It was in this series of unfortunate events that lit the flame for Smith to begin his career in photojournalism.

He made a promise to hold himself to the highest standards of truth no matter the cost.

His major photo essays include World War II photographs, the dedication of an American country doctor and a nurse midwife, the clinic of Dr Schweitzer in French Equatorial Africa, the city of Pittsburgh, and the pollution which damaged the health of the residents of Minamata in Japan.

William Eugene Smith was born in the city of Wichita, Kansas on December 30, 1918 to the parents of William H. Growing up, Smith had taken interest in flying and aviation.

While photographing this project he was severely beaten by several local factory workers who were opposed to the revelations that his camera exposed.

An extensive collection of his work was acquired by the Center for Creative Photography at the University of Arizona in 1976.

Eugene Smith's iconic photographic essay "Country Doctor" for LIFE magazine has been published on their Web site to include some previously unpublished images.

Smith spent a month in Kremmling, CO, photographing Dr. In light of a recently re-discovered interview published on LENS where Smith talked about regularly setting up photographs, one wonders how many - if any - of these images that have been sanctified over the decades as "documentary photojournalism" are "real" and how many were stage craft.

(1951), contains many of his most memorable prints.

Smith lived in the village on and off for many months, and the understanding and empathy he gained is apparent in his photographs of the villagers’ daily struggle to draw life from exhausted soil.


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