Euripides Bacchae Essay

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The Bacchae is about all of these forces, and the symbolism behind them.

Critics of the first persuasion cite the undeniable fact that the chorus, which traditionally functions as the upholder of moral values and as the mouthpiece of social standards, aligns itself with Dionysus and supports his attempt to introduce his cult into Thebes.

Another follower of the god-man is Tiresias, the familiar blind prophet of Greek...

it is not difficult to see why some interpreters have viewed this play as an indictment of religion because of its hostility to the survival of the community, on the ground that religion (as depicted by Dionysus and his followers) is the basis for the irrational destructiveness which threatens and ultimately overthrows the well-ordered city in an orgy of cruel excess. Develop your answer in a crafted reply of around 500 words, and post to your group discussion page for this lesson.

On this view, the play is a cautionary tale about the dangers of religious superstitions.” Question: With which of these interpretations do you tend to agree? Be sure to draw on evidence in the text in developing your answer.


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