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For you to come up with a good expository essay, you have to understand how to link the three main parts of the essay; the reader should be able to know that this is the introduction, the body and the conclusion through your crafting of words.

You can link your body with the conclusion by using transitional words for expository essays that suggest you are about to finish your essay, such as ‘to finish with’ or ‘in conclusion’ and this will help you have a good conclusion for your essay.

When you introduce your last paragraph with such words, the reader will be prepared to come to an end of the essay.

When you go through various samples, you will not only get ideas on different topics but also understand how to apply different techniques to improve your writing skills.

There are various sources where you can get free samples of expository writing, and its writing prompts. On the internet, there are various articles and journals that contain different samples for expository writing.


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