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The most important part of planning out an expository writing essay is to come up with a complex analytical question and develop a strong thesis that provides an answer to your question.

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You can analyze the effectiveness of an expository work by evaluating its structure, style and use of clear examples and evidence to support its conjectures.

In expository writing, the thesis statement is a sentence that states the essay's main idea.

Expository writing features a variety of different writing styles, from the straightforwardness of academic articles to the satire and humor of personal essays.

You can examine the author's word choice, attitude and sentence structure to determine how you would describe the piece's style.

The best way to tell if your thesis is arguable is to think of a possible counterthesis.

For this example, a counterthesis would be "No, abortion should not be legal because abortion is murder and the baby has the right to life." Your thesis statement should come slightly after your analytical question at the end of your introduction or in your first body paragraph.

Grossmont College English instructor Marilyn Ivanovici also suggests considering where the thesis appears.

While most authors reveal it near the beginning, others will state the general content and direction, then gradually move toward a more specific statement.

" This is an excellent analytical question because there are two clearly defined sides to the argument.

Your analytical question should be stated in the introduction or first paragraph.


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