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Others are stand-alone pieces published in essay collections.

Others are stand-alone pieces published in essay collections.

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It was not until I took a college class on creative nonfiction that I realized memoirs were not just autobiographies of people with exciting lives.

Anyone with any amount of life experience can write a memoir—no dramatic childhood or odd-defying life accomplishments required.

It’s a fascinating rumination on the history of the admissions process.10.

Carl Wilson, “Let’s Talk About Love” – The 33 1/3 series collection, December 2007In this essay (which is really a novella), Wilson attempts to understand the appeal of the award-winning Quebecois chanteuse, while also acknowledging his previously held disdain for Dion’s music and personality.

“Fascinating Fascism” by Susan Sontag – by Leni Riefenstahl line by line in order to take down the lauded filmmaker by reminding us of her Nazi past.

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It’s a convincing tack by the master of the polemic.6. But at the end of every year we do like to take a look back at the stories that resonated with our readers.In that spirit, we’ve compiled the most-read pieces published on our website in 2016, as well as the most-read work from our archives.I love delving into the details of other people’s lives.The length allows me to read broadly on a whim with minimal commitment.“Dark Icons” by Gary Indiana – Random House’s Boldtype column, 1997 : “Indiana is as detested as he is adored.” In “Dark Icons,” he profiles the criminal superstar, Charles Sobhraj.He writes, “We have made these people stars because their implacable nature is somehow unbelievable, and utterly fascinating in a nauseating sort of way.”7.It is a masterful “journey to the end of taste,” and by the end we’re all thumping our chests and rooting for Céline Marie Claudette Dion.I didn’t have much money (buying forty collections of essays was out of the question) so I’ve found them online instead.He writes, “They are wise to remember, however, one thing. “The Long-Winded Lady” by Maeve Brennan – It’s as if Brennan is simply writing her weekly letters to a good friend; there’s an intimacy to her work as she details the perfect moments of living in a city.In this particular essay, Brennan explains a night out on the town and an encounter with a woman who was absolutely blotto on the corner of 45th and Broadway.5.


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