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Using ethnographies and films, this course looks at changing ideas about cosmos, the individual, family, gender, social relations, ethnicity, politics, and the state from late imperial times to the present.Anthropology 258 Peoples of the Tibeto-Burman Highlands (4 credits)An introduction to the society and culture of the Tibetan, Yi, Naxi, Jingpo, and other peoples living in the region of southwest China, northern Mianmar (Burma), and Tibet.

Fusing standard approaches and concern of cultural anthropology with the eclectic field of Science and Technology Studies (STS), this class will explore diverse historical and cultural forms of how things humans make come to embody complex social trajectories.

Beginning with philosophical investigations into the relationship between materials, form, and craft, we will proceed through ethnographic case studies of design as both an expertise and an ordinary practice.

May be elected as Environmental Studies 306, but must be elected as Environmental Studies 306 to satisfy the interdisciplinary course requirement in environmental studies.

Anthropology 313 Communism, Socialism, and the Environment (4 credits) In an age where many associate climate change and environmental destruction with capitalism, what can we learn from the history, ideology and practice of socialism and communism?

Students will be evaluated through in-class exams, short essays, and ethnographic research and writing exercises.

Open to sophomores and juniors; seniors by consent only.

Studies in history, religion, politics, and social structure point out the differences as well as the similarities among these Tibeto-Burman peoples.

Anthropology 259 Culture, Environment and Development in the Andes (4 credits)This course focuses on the intersection of two major concerns in global development-environmental sustainability and the self-determination of indigenous communities-as they play out in the Andes region of South America.

All along, we'll look at ways "design thinking" as an open-ended and often unpredictable process of creativity shares affinities with anthropology's core method of ethnography limits of that comparison.

Class will be run in a seminar manner with short analytical papers and reading responses and a final research project. Anthropology 257 Chinese Society and Culture (4 credits)An introduction to modern Chinese society and culture, rural and urban, with an emphasis on enduring cultural practices and modern transformation.


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