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Vaughn earned a ,000 salary interviewing victims of stabbings and shootings as they recovered in Harlem Hospital.

Vaughn earned a ,000 salary interviewing victims of stabbings and shootings as they recovered in Harlem Hospital.

“The City takes these allegations seriously,” Solon wrote in a statement.

“We do not want to lose sight of the important role that credible messengers and targeted programming can play in preventing violence, however it must be done in a manner that promotes safety.” Safety has been a recurring issue for Harlem SNUG’s parent organization, Cure Violence, which uses former gang members to mediate simmering street conflicts between warring teenagers and young adults who are beyond the influence of local police.

The story opened in 1846 at the Five Points in New York City, known today as Lower Manhattan.

Amsterdam's father, Priest Vallon, was the leader of a gang of Irish immigrants called "The Dead Rabbits".

She is angry that her complaints were initially ignored, and fearful for her family’s safety.

“Cure Violence has made me start my whole life over,” Vaughn said.

Jeffrey Butts, a director of research at John Jay College of Criminal Justice, co-wrote an ongoing analysis of Cure Violence’s presence in high-crime New York City neighborhoods and found that homicide rates are on a downward trend in three areas that employed the interrupters in Brooklyn and in northern Manhattan.

“They can form relationships in high-violence communities that police, social workers and ministers simply can’t,” Butts said.

In late February, Vaughn told a program director with the Mayor’s Office of Criminal Justice that Harlem SNUG employs active members of the Bloods gang and a subsidiary group called Shine Love, a street crew based out of a nearby public housing development.

In an interview with The Marshall Project, Vaughn said neighborhood drug dealers used the SNUG office bathroom to deal narcotics.


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