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I was going off the premise that I just wanted to do my own thing.The reason why I went through so many iterations is I didn’t know what I was up against.The stories vary greatly as well, from a student who delivers a first-hand account of how it feels to run a triathlon to another who candidly describes a serious bout of depression that led to suicidal thoughts.

He drove the five minutes to his apartment, rushed to his computer and then sat briefly paralzyed in front of the screen, desperately wanting to know if Harvard Business School would admit him and not so desperately wanting to know if it didn’t.

Wibaux, marketing manager for Russell Stover chocolates, had invested a lot of time and energy in the decision.

It is purely you.” Some of the successful applicants who forked over their essays to make even Wibaux look like a piker for his 25 to 30 drafts.

Almost all the essays in the book are the result of days, if not weeks, of work and multiple iterations.

29 ESSAYS FROM 29 NEWLY ADMITTED STUDENTS TO HARVARD BUSINESS SCHOOL His conclusion from reading nearly 50 essays, 29 of which are included in the new guidebook?

“It would have taken a lot of the nervousness out of the process to see the wide range of essays out there,” says Wibaux.KEEPING QUIET THAT AFTERNOON IN THE OFFICE He spent the next hour at home, relaying the good news of his HBS acceptance to family and friends.The hardest part of the experience was returning to his office that afternoon, with the widest grin he ever wore on his face, and not sharing the news with anyone other than his boss and his second recommender, the only two people at his employer who knew he had applied to Harvard’s MBA program. 28, but since his acceptance into HBS, he has been involved in a rather unique exercise: Reviewing the essays of recently successful applicants to HBS for inclusion in the just published summer 2017 edition of the MBA Essay Guide from , the MBA student newspaper at Harvard.What you can’t know is how important these essays were in Harvard’s admission decisions.“It has been said over and over again that the essay is just one component,” concedes Wibaux.“So yes you can have a killer essay but if the application is weak, it won’t make a difference.Or conversely you can have a bad essay but still get in.They come from HBS-bound applicants in Pakistan, India, the Ivory coast, Zimbabwe, and Egypt, among other places.They were written by people who worked in oil and gas, healthcare, nuclear engineering, transportation and community service, not merely consultants and financiers.I was so hesitant to push the button to see what my status was.I finally clicked on it and then jumped up and down.” THE HARDEST PART OF HIS HBS ADMIT?


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