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If your child is resistant, use your best judgment.But keep in mind that frequent writing develops the habit of writing.As a teacher I found that two subjects always found themselves at the center of instruction: reading and math. But with the ever-increasing expectations for classroom teachers, other subjects get pushed out of the spotlight. Get big pads of newsprint, a chalkboard, or a dry erase board. If space is an issue, pack writing materials into a portable container that your child can pull out at the kitchen table.

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c) Teach your child to reread her work after she’s written it. Would one book a week help your child love to read?

Neither would one writing session promote a love of writing.

Once in high school, regular study also becomes important.

Study time is completely different to doing set homework.

Think of yourself not as a critic, but as a helper and encourager.

Submit their writing to contests or children’s magazines. Consider putting their finished stories into a book with an online publishing program.

When your children are young, tell stories in the car, the doctor’s office, or when you’re pushing the stroller.

Pick a book above your child’s reading ability, or take turns reading pages in a book of his choice.

Some suggestions for effective study time include: The best study is active study – not just reading pages and pages of notes but creating summaries and lists, drawing mind maps, practising answering questions, teaching someone else about a topic and so on.

Active study helps move content from short-term to long-term memory. A study timetable can be useful to help high school students plan time each week revising work covered in class.


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