History Of Critical Thinking

Enlightenment thinkers understandably rejected traditional thinking, holding it responsible for all this violence and injustice.

But still, the Enlightenment sometimes went too far in the opposite direction.

For example, at one stage in the classic RPG , your character has the option to serve as a juror on another character’s trial.

In order to save the innocent man, you have to talk to people throughout the town and, using a combination of empathy and skepticism, figure out what really happened.

So critical thinking absolutely depends on traditions.

There’s no question that critical thinking means something Until Einstein, no physicist was ever more influential than Isaac Newton.

Sooner or later you have to come up with your own ideas, your own solutions, and your own visions.

That requires a creative and independent mind, but one that is also capable of listening and learning.

In one episode of , Cartman becomes obsessed with conspiracy theories and sings a song about needing to think for himself and find out the truth.

The show is poking fun at conspiracy theorists, who often think that they are exercising critical thinking when in fact they are simply exercising too much skepticism towards common sense and popular beliefs, and not enough skepticism towards new, unnecessarily complicated explanations.


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