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Ask any kid their least favorite part about school and chances are extremely high, regardless if they're elementary, middle or high school age, you'll get a near universal answer. Even as schools fully embrace the digital age and relics of the past disappear, homework remains a constant. Does homework have a positive impact on a child's learning as some may propose or does it place an undue burden or stress on a kid? Long the bane of school kids everywhere—and plenty of parents, too—homework is one aspect of today's schooling that unites almost all students.

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The first thought is that there's no faster way to sour a kid's enthusiasm for school than that scenario.

Then there are also parents pushing the child to get the homework finished, which creates unnecessary tension within a household. Numerous studies show the correlation between poor academic performance and lack of rest, and yet we expect children to perform this ritual every night, five nights a week, with plenty of schools even handing out weekend work.

Learning how to wisely dole out minutes and hours to a given task is one of those skills that many adults still have problems mastering, so the sooner a young individual learns it, the better.

Opponents to a daily dose of after-school study may acknowledge that those skills are indeed valuable.

Cooper added that "even for high school students, overloading them with homework is not associated with higher grades." The research does show though that there is still some benefit, and as Cooper points out "the amount and type should vary according to their developmental level and home circumstances." Other research points to similar conclusions, and that perhaps the concerns over homework stem from its one size fits all nature.

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A 2013 study by Adam Maltese of Indiana University, focused on high school sophomores, reflected that homework helps a student perform well on standardized tests.

It was true as far back as the 1950s, it was true at the turn of the century, and it's true today. Indeed, there are plenty of opinions as to whether homework is an effective means in helping to educate our nation's youth or if it's merely busy work.

Let's take our original question one step further and imagine the results if you asked students their actual opinion of homework.

But they also ask if attaining the skills require saddling a kid with evening assignments equal to the time spent in school.

Unfortunately, much of the available research is unable to answer that question.


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