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You can use this example document to help you get started.

The La Te X Wikibook may also help as a reference that explains the various features of La Te X in much more detail.

To see your graded solutions, again log in to Gradescope via Canvas (repeating Step 2 above): select CSE.347.01 from the Canvas dashboard and select Gradescope from the left-hand menu bar.

Once grades are released, the status for the assignment on the Gradescope dashboard will change from "Ungraded" to "Graded," and you will be able to see the total score for the assignment.

Figures may be drawn using the tool of your choice, or even hand-drawn and scanned as images, so long as they are legible in your final submission. those stored as a set of shapes and lines) are preferred to bitmapped images such as GIF, PNG, or JPEG, but either is acceptable.

The La Te X Wikibook includes instructions on how to include these images in your document, including how to crop them.Your homework should use a page size of 8.5x11 inches ("letter" size; A4 is also OK).Most text should be in a proportionally-spaced font with a size of at least 11 points.The assignment of homework is encouraged as a means of reinforcing and enriching the instructional program and to assist students to develop independent study skills.Length and complexity of homework assignments should be appropriate to the age and total development needs of the student as well as to the subject under study.The TAs will grade each of your homework solutions in Gradescope.As each problem's solution is graded, a grade will be posted to the corresponding column in the course grade book. Scans or photographs of handwritten solutions are not acceptable.Also, please do not use plain text with "ASCII math" (i.e.For each solution, you'll see the points awarded and the graders' comments.You will also see all of the rubric items, with the rubric items applied to your assignment highlighted.


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