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I believe that homework is affecting students in negative ways because homework is just adding stress to students, they are doing it when they are tired, because this can take away time from other commitments and hobbies, and because it can completely mess up students’ sleep cycles.

A study by scholar Denise Pope at Stanford revealed that out of 4,300 students at high performance schools 60% considered or stated that homework is a primary source of stress.Because of this, their performance will not be as good as it could be, and this would mean that their overall grade would go down, and isn’t the whole point of an education or a school to help you become a better and smarter person?Also, in some students’ cases if they are completely booked for every single hour of the day, then they will not have any time to complete the homework!Another reason why I believe homework should be banned is because it takes away time or can completely eliminate time for leisure activities, other commitments, or hobbies.Sure, there are some positive impacts of homework such as it giving assistance to students, helping students revise topics, etc., but there in all of the time students are made to spend on homework, what about all other commitments and hobbies in life?Every single school in the world sets homework to be done after school (that is why it is called work), and usually after the 8 or more hour school day most students are tired.This means that students will not have their full concentration when they are attending to their homework.They don’t have to stay up however long it takes just to grade all the papers their students.It’s especially hard for middle school teachers and up because there are so many kids and so many different classes.So, I think that homework is Sometimes our parents have no time to help us because they have their jobs.Then if we can’t get any help it’s going to be either a late grade or an F because we can’t get a good grade without a complete assignment.


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