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At the time, my family was going through a bit of a financial crisis. My sister and I spent most of our time doing work for the family business. These little excursions helped us get out of our heads a bit, and also helped us feel like everything was going to be okay. Two teenagers in a black Mercedes blasting “Out Here Grindin” by DJ Khaled on the causeway to the beach at 1pm on a Tuesday.At any rate, we made it home in one piece and went back to work.And accidentally stepping on the gas made a significant impact on the “miles remaining” indicator.

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She caught her mistake and slammed on the brakes, causing the tires to squeal a bit. We had almost crashed, and revving the engine that hard had used a bit more gas than we were planning on using throughout our trip.

As we were leaving, my sister accidentally hit the gas pedal (hard) instead of the brakes as she was backing up.

Jane has 20 marbles, all of them either red or blue. This is another word problem that involves ratio or proportion.

If the ratio of the red marbles to the blue marbles is the same for both John and Jane, then John has how many more blue marbles than Jane? Example: A recipe uses 5 cups of flour for every 2 cups of sugar.

But the fact that it wasn’t even an option bothered me. It was this fact that made me promise myself that I would never put 5 dollars worth of gas in my car. It gives me the certainty that no matter how crazy things get, no matter how stressed I am, I can always go somewhere far away.

No matter how tough my situation, no matter how empty my wallet, I would find a way to buy a full tank of gas. Not to run away, but to get some space from what’s going on, to give me the space to clear my mind, to give me the ability to look at it from a distance.

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So for example, if we look at this one right over here, the numerator is 12. So the denominator is also going to be half of the denominator here. And what we just did here is we wrote four equivalent ratios. The following table shows equivalent fractions to 27/75. And over here, we see that 18/55 is 54-- and this 54 jumped out at me because it's the same numerator-- over 165. If we divide both of these by 3, this is also a 7 to 5 ratio.

The ratio 3 to 5 or 3/5 is the same thing as 12 to 20, is the same thing as 24 to 40, is the same thing as 48 to 80. So then they wrote all of the different equivalent fractions. And if you divide both of these by 7, this is also a 7 to 5 ratio.


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