How Long Is A Master'S Thesis In Psychology

As soon as you finish these, obtain the card from the Graduate Administrator, fill in the relevant information, have your advisor sign the card, and give the card to the Graduate Administrator. You should take this card to your oral examination and have your committee sign it. After you have done so, have your advisor sign the card and give the card to the Graduate Administrator. The Committee must consist of at least four members of the Graduate Faculty, three from the Psychology Department and one from another department or university.

Milestone # 2 Master’s Final Oral Examination of Thesis This indicates that you have completed your M. Milestone # 4 Admission to Candidacy for Doctoral Degree This indicates that your Ph. Note that not everyone on the “faculty” is on the “Graduate Faculty.” Please check with the Graduate Administrator when forming your committee to assure that all member requirements are met. After the form is signed, give it to the Graduate Administrator.

Change of Grade cards must be signed by the instructor, and all grade changes (other than Dissertation Study) that are older than one year must be accompanied by a letter indicating why the change is late.

The Psychology Graduate Office will change incomplete grades for Thesis & Dissertation Credits.

All students are admitted into programs leading to the Ph D degree.

One of the milestone requirements for the Ph D is completion of a master’s degree or its equivalent.

Milestone information must be on file in the A&S Dean’s Office before a degree is granted. Note that you should use a separate card or form for each milestone, with the exception of milestones 5 and 6, which can be entered on the same card and turned in at the same time. you must apply for graduation and submit the ETD (electronic thesis) to the A&S Office of Graduate Studies.

The two cards (Report on Examinations for Masters Degree, Report on Examinations for Doctoral Degree) and the form (Application for Admission to Candidacy for Doctoral Degree) can be obtained from the Graduate Administrator in 3129 Sennott Square. Milestone # 1 Master’s Comprehensive / Ph D Preliminary Exam This indicates that you have satisfactorily completed the core courses that your program requires. Milestone # 3 Comprehensive Examination for the Ph. This indicates that you have completed the comprehensive examination requirements for your program (this involves a specialty paper in several programs).

All graduate students must fulfill the departmental teaching requirement before graduating.

Students must register for 3 credits of PSY 2970, Teaching of Psychology, which is usually offered in the Fall Term, or the University sponsored teaching course, FACDEV 2200, either prior to or concurrently with teaching.


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