How To Write A Discursive Essay

Discursive essays are more or less the same as that impartial friend you have who is willing to listen to your situation but avoids being emotionally attached in the issue under consideration.On the other hand, there is that friend we have who can’t avoid taking sides on issues and will quickly get emotionally attached to a problem.

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This particular folk react readily and would always find a side to support.

They would argue in support of this given side they have chosen until the end.

Again, we make our references to an impartial friend who never takes sides no matter what.

An impartial friend will never take a side but will weigh on issues and provide a response based on reality.

Each side should be treated equally and should be similar in size and even word count.

How To Write A Discursive Essay

Concluding a discursive essay is different from the past conclusions students are conversant with while writing their assignments.

But with this essay, you will start your conclusion by assessing all your evidence.

While doing this remember not to define your stand but make more sense in your writing.

Every paragraph should not mix the two discussions but rather dwell on one.

For example, if you are discussing on the immorality of death penalty, you need to equally have other two paragraphs that discuss on the pros of the death penalty.


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