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As you address each of these things, you’ll better understand who you need and how you will get them on your team.Assessing personnel needs It all starts with what you hope to accomplish with your nonprofit. Identifying the tasks involved with getting the job done is step one.What do you want it to feel like at your nonprofit? How will you emphasize the culture you want for your nonprofit? Orienting new employees/volunteers to the organization Policies, employee manuals, and orientations should not be used as weapons to punish employees or volunteers for “getting out of line.” Rather, they are tools for setting high expectations, empowering your people, and helping them to succeed for the nonprofit.

Lesson 7 in the course How to Write a Nonprofit Business Plan Your nonprofit business plan should really be coming together.

It can be difficult to create a document as long and as tedious as a business plan, but it will all be worth it in the end.

Will you offer fun, flexibility, and freedom at work?

Many people say they like working with organizations that offer these things. Will you provide other unique benefits like laundry service, car washing, or something else?

Dollar for dollar, these types of things tend to pay off by keeping employees happy. You could have local experts come in to teach your employees and volunteers about something important to them.

You could simply empower your people to come up with and manage projects they see as important that align with your cause. Create an account for your organization and shine some light on your organization to attract local volunteers.

You’ve already identified the ways you’ll measure your impact – what will it take to get these things accomplished? It identifies what types of staff or volunteer members are needed, what they are responsible for, and who they report to.

Many nonprofits keep an organizational chart to help them see the structure more clearly.

You can dream as big as you like, but if you can’t execute the vision, it doesn’t matter. After that, think about what type of team member would be needed to complete these tasks.

Think about the work that needs to be done to make your nonprofit a success. Do you need people to answer phones or manage the finances? Organizational structure The organizational structure is simply a personnel map of roles, responsibilities, and authority.


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