Immigration Uk Discursive Essay

Immigration Uk Discursive Essay-15
As such, authorities should put measures in place to control immigration-both legal and illegal immigration-effectively. Order essay online from experienced essay writing service. Different people have different views to things, like or dislike, agree or disagree.It is mainly because of biting poverty in developing countries.

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America is an immigrant country; most people in America are immigrants.

They come from different countries and different ethnic groups; they have different languages, educational backgrounds, customs, values and religions.

Such problems have driven many developed countries to set up immigration policies, laws and regulations for example, the U. through INA (The Immigration and Naturalization Act) limits the annual number of permanent immigrants to 675,000. Immigration and Customs Enforcement Office (ICE) have a task of controlling illegal immigration.

However, it gives exceptions for close family member. Such bodies identify illegal immigrants, apprehend them and then deport them to their countries of origin or take any other necessary measures on them.

However, many researchers argue that immigrants end up paying for these resources through their tax contributions though this might only be true for later generations of immigrants.

Immigration itself is not a bad thing but when it attracts illegal activities such as illegal migration, drug trafficking and terrorism, it becomes a social problem that authorities must deal with.Immigration in the 21st century has particularly increased because of economic, political, and social glitches.Many developing countries-especially those in Africa and in India-have limited resources in terms of infrastructure, education, social amenities and jobs for their citizens.Other major contributors are social problems of insecurity and drugs.This fuels poverty and desperation making it a necessity to seek a better life elsewhere.In my opinion, I agree with the second view, that multiculturalism is positive.Multiculturalism is diversity of two or more culture in some region or country.As a result, majority of the immigrants in the world today target first world countries such as the US, UK and countries in Europe.The US alone boasts of hosting 20 percent of the total global immigrants making up 13 percent of its total population.Such jobs may include construction jobs and cleaning jobs. Consequently, some of them create jobs for native workers through their entrepreneurial skills.As a result, a receiver country may experience long-term economic growth directly attributed to the immigrants.


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