Immortal Technique Essay

Immortal Technique Essay

It ain't like I decided to reach into another part of myself, it’s just a natural progression.

"We have to remember that hip-hop had a side of it that was just about partying, enjoying life...

and we shouldn't look down upon that ‘cos at the same time, every single time that people have been put in a terrible position of bondage they sang songs that didn't have anything to with their condition. Slaves sang songs on the plantation, don't mean they enjoyed being there. There are people who sings songs of joy, and people who sing songs about things that they're not experiencing and things they don't have, because they wish they did have it. Whereas I would argue there's different levels of success.

In places like France and England that used to be the capital of the world they're a little bit upset about that so they proliferate that sort of ridiculousness.

But someone who's in a small village somewhere else isn’t gonna be more adept to understanding everything..." "Let me give you a simple analogy," he continues. One of them is a bum on the street, and the other one drives a school bus full of school children.


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